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"What a blessing these special people are in the lives of the residents and their families."

-Patty & Eric E.


"My mother moved to Larry’s Lakehouse from an independent living facility.  She had broken her leg in April, and subsequently required more assistance.  After months of 24/7 caregivers at her previous facility, we heard about Larry’s Lakehouse.  After researching and reading about this facility and sending and receiving many emails and texts, and having several phone conversations with Mary, we felt a move to Larry’s Lakehouse would be the right choice.


My mother’s move has indeed been the right choice.  From the moment she moved in, her care has been exceptional.  The staff is friendly, kind, and helpful in every way.  They check on my mother constantly and promptly provide the care and help my mother needs.


Further, during these difficult COVID times, the personnel at Larry’s Lakehouse have guarded all residents against any COVID outbreak in the facility by following strict guidelines. They have assisted my mother with FaceTime calls to me and other family members, facilitated family visits through her window, and texted pictures of my mother enjoying getting her hair cut and styled and participating in activities such as bowling.


Additionally, my mother enjoys the meals which are well prepared, watching TV with other residents in the living room, going for walks, and sitting outside on the patio. 


Larry’s Lakehouse has been the right choice for us and has truly exceeded our expectations in every way."

Teresa A.


"Mom seems to be very content & happy.

I want to thank you, Mary & your wonderful caring staff for taking such good care of Mom & making her feel at home.

May God Bless Each One of You!"


"We moved my dad here from a Skilled Nursing Facility. When my dad left that facility he barely moved or spoke. Since coming to Larry’s Lakehouse 2 weeks ago, my dad is having full conversations AND feeding himself! I am so impressed at the care that he is receiving. The home is so comfortable and the care is top notch. It has been a complete game changer in my Dad’s progress, I recommend this place to everyone!!"

Stephanie Y.

"My Dad is also @ Larry's Lake House (CCR Location) he loves it there and I have no worries they love my Dad and his care is great.  We are truly blessed to have Larry's Lake House👏💞"

Linda D.

"I am delighted to write a testimonial for Larry's Lakehouse, and its owners, Mary and Dave Monk.  We recently moved our mother to Larry's Lakehouse from a highly-regarded larger facility in Katy.  That particular facility had all the bells and whistles, and looked great from the outside, but over time we came to believe that our mother was not getting the level of attention and care that she needs as a memory care patient.  We noted that her condition was starting to inexplicably deteriorate, and immediately began looking for a new place for her to call home. 


We feel extraordinarily fortunate to have found Larry's Lakehouse at that point.  It is a lovely home environment, in a nice neighborhood, and backs up to a private lake so that residents can sit out on the covered patio and enjoy the outdoors.  More importantly, Mary and Dave have been so kind and caring since we reached out to them, and understood the difficulties we were facing in terms of moving our mother, especially given her condition.  They connected us with everyone we needed, including movers and medical transporters, to get my mother over to their facility as expeditiously as possible. 


I am not exaggerating when I say that our mother began looking and obviously feeling better from her first day at Larry's Lakehouse.  All the sores she had been suffering from at her previous facility promptly healed, she started to regain the weight she had been losing because of (what I believe was) the lack of attention she'd received at meal-times at the other facility, and she seems so much happier and attentive.  Every time we visit or call, we see the kind and skilled attention that all the staff and caregivers give to my mom, which warms our hearts.  Mary, Dave, Larry's Lakehouse, and all the staff and caregivers have been a blessing for our family.  I will be eternally grateful that our mother is being cared for by such lovely people, and would give my highest recommendation to anyone who is searching for such a facility for themselves or loved ones.  Thank you Mary and Dave!"

Dafna G

"Thank you for the care you show Mom. She is a precious love and we sleep better at night knowing she is in your care. We are so glad we found you!"

Brad & Julie W.

"I highly recommend this assisted living facility. I have had several bad experiences with other assisted living facilities & nursing homes in the Katy area so I am very glad to have found this one for my mom. They have a very kind, caring and attentive staff. House is new & clean and it has a great view off the back patio. The house is located in quiet upscale neighborhood with lots of landscaping and fountains."

Bob R.

"Larry’s Lake house truly offers all of the comforts of home without any of the worries!  Owners Mary and Dave Monk are incredible and their hearts calling to serve and care for those who are no longer able to live alone is evident.  Mary is an experienced RN who oversees all aspects of care for our dad.  Medication and treatment regimens are managed beautifully.   Assistance with activities of daily living, bathing, laundry, and housekeeping as well as fantastic Home-cooked meals served around the oak kitchen table three times a day are just some of the amenities.   If dad is not feeling up to it, he enjoys his meal in the privacy of his own room. 

The coffee pot is always on and the kitchen is always open to grab a snack.  The atmosphere is warm, caring and relaxed.  We no longer need to worry that all of our father’s needs are being met.   We all feel right at home when we visit for Sunday dinners, puzzles or card games around the table, watching ballgames in the living room or sitting on the back patio overlooking the beautiful yard and lake. 


The home-like environment has made all the difference for our dad. 

He was very ill and run down when he arrived and has steadily regained his strength and independence with the incredible care he has received.   Mary and her staff have helped coordinate visits from Home Health, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.   Larry’s lake house has given us all the peace of mind that the details are handled, his needs are met 24hrs per day and someone is always there with a smile to lend a helping hand. We all appreciate the personal attention, time and care the dedicated staff at Larry’s Lake House provides.   What a blessing these special people are in the lives of the residents and their families."

Patty and Eric E.

"What a find. Who wouldn't want to go to LARRY"S LAKEHOUSE every day and have cake and coffee with their loved one! That's what we do. We always find mother in a clean, peaceful environment watching her TV or sitting at the lunch table with the others talking about long ago times. Sometimes we chat with the owners, Mary and David. They stay on top of every need whether it be diet, exercise or medicine. Or just casual fun. Every need is met for Mom and her family. We can sit on the patio, watch the herb garden grow and watch the gorgeous fountain spray the cool waters. Wonderful! We are blessed to be able to provide peace, joy and comfort for mom."

Dorothy A.

Thank goodness for Larry's Lakehouse!  It's a very beautiful, clean, and well maintained home for my elderly parents.  The owners are very capable and compassionate.  The food is wonderful and they are very happy there.  I shopped around for a personal care home in the Katy area for a couple of months.  After meeting David and Mary Monk, I knew this was a perfect fit.

Mary is a RN and is very on task with their meds and David is super helpful.

I have never felt as comfortable leaving my parents as I do now.  There is absolutely no shortage of helping hands here!  God bless David and Mary for all they do!"

 Amy L

"Thank you for giving me my life back! Knowing that my mom is cared for means the absolute world to me! You guys give me so much peace. My family really appreciates you."

Shannon C

"After hearing the passion for elder care in David’s voice - I was insistent about meeting him and Mary as soon as possible so I could visit Larry’s lake house.


The care facility my parents were in, I was having some reservations about.  The staff, the facility and the communication between all of us had led to multiple errors, they were making me feel like my parents were a bit of a burden and I was right on the edge of losing it emotionally several times – LOOK -  I knew I was just being a picky daughter trying to make sure her parents were well cared for, because isn’t that what we all want for our parents?  I truly only wanted what was best for my parents so they would be happy and comfortable. 


And that’s why I asked David to meet for lunch at Little V’s Vietnamese restaurant – I inhaled my food and asked David if I could visit Larry’s Lake House right there and then… Like immediately!!! 


After a quick tour, meeting Mary and all their staff – I took a check over that same day and moved my parents in 2 weeks later…


Larry’s Lake House has been the best place for my parents and honestly, I simply don’t have the right words to express my sincere gratitude for everyone at Larry’s…


I will forever be grateful for all the compassion and kindness they’ve shown me and my mom and dad.  


It’s been absolutely the best pace for them to live.  My mother enjoyed her last few months while living at Larry’s Lake House.  My Daddy is safe, loved and well cared for by David and Mary – and that is huge for me…  I truly believe that if they had stayed at the other facility I would have lost both my parents long before now…


I can’t explain the level of dedication David, his wife Mary, and all their staff, Cherrilynn, Jackie and Yvette –  provide for their guests… I tell all the caregivers that I love them – and I truly do… they are my family now too!


I genuinely consider myself lucky that I found David Monk and Larry’s Lake House… It happened because I was supposed to…


I owe David a debt of gratitude for keeping my parents so safe and happy in their declining years – that I will never be able to repay him for his kindness and commitment, even if I had a dozen lifetimes to try.   A simple testimonial isn’t close to enough… Thank-you David…"

"There are a lot of really good assisted living facilities in the Katy area. Many of them look like resorts with their salt water pools and putting greens. They have lots of activities for the residents and some even have a happy hour every day of the week! They look fantastic on the surface and my parents have lived at two of the best. Both facilities were great until my parents started to need more care. Over the past 18 months we’ve had to move my parents three times, each time for the same reason, we weren't comfortable with the level of care they were getting. My father is 93 and my mother is 92, they are both very independent and reluctant to ask for help even though they’re clearly at a place in their lives where they need it. They need caregivers that aren’t rushed by having too big a caseload. We’ve seen a lot of good caregivers over the last two years who were just too overwhelmed by the number of residents they were responsible for to give each one the care they needed. Those that did manage to give that care were exceptional, but most that tried burned out quickly. We’ve learned that the business model at these big facilities just doesn’t allow for consistent good quality care. So we started looking at the small private homes where our parents could get more personalized attention. It soon became clear that Larry’s Lake House was the best of it’s kind. The caregiver ratio is 4 to 1. The caregivers are some of the best we’ve seen. David and Mary Monk have brought together a very impressive team and have a hands on management style that gives us the confidence that their priority will always be high quality care. Our parents are finally getting the attention and care they deserve. They’re happy. I’m relieved. This is the first time since we moved them out of their own home in the fall of 2015 that I haven’t felt guilty for not moving in with them and taking care of them myself. Each time we had to move them I felt that old guilt all over again. Until now. Now they’re getting better care than I could give them myself. Larry’s Lake House was an answered prayer."

Rick B.

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